The Gear


The right equipment can make all the difference, so we use a variety of tools to make sure each moment is captured perfectly.  CMOS DSLR cameras and fast lenses provide exceptional depth of field and image quality in a variety of lighting conditions, glidecams and fluid sliders produce the smoothest possible camera movements, 4k-equipped drones provide stunning aerial panoramas, and it’s all polished together with professional post-production software to give each film a style all its own. 

The Crew

Our team of award-winning cinematographers have worked on commercials, films, music videos, and documentaries.  We bring this talent to your wedding video, giving it a unique, cinematic touch.  Capturing the moment is our bread and butter, plus our experience means we get the best shots without being the least bit intrusive.  Every project we do is custom from start to finish, too, so yours is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.